Subjective photo walk

Subjective photo walk

All you need is a device that can take photos (a phone or camera) and a minimal knowledge of how to use it.

We take photos at a chosen location, focusing on thoughts rather than visual beauty.

Self-awareness through images

You can observe yourself; with the help of the instructions received you can become aware of what you really want to see and visualise. As we talk, together we will evoke the inner images that will inspire your personal photos.

The focus will be on you!

Not only will your concentration, your thoughts and their visual representation help you take shots that are important to you more easily later on; the experience you gain during our photo walk can be transferred to other areas of your life. The wider situational awareness and the ability to approach a subject from multiple angles can also be used outside of photography.

There are no expectations here

You’re free to let your imagination and ideas run wild! We will not rely on photographic technique
nor on
the written and unwritten rules of photographythe essence of the work in this case is the approach.
It is an experience of a kind where the focus will be on finding your inner voice, your inner images, and your own perspective.
Önismereti fotóséta.

How do your photos reflect you?

During our walk we will examine how your pictures reflect what you want to show, and how at the same time they also tell a story about you, your inner and outer world. Together, we will work out how to show all this more expressively, in a way that is right for you.

To make the experience and your memory of it complete, you will also receive some photos of yourself that show how you took your pictures, delving deep to create them.

Subjective photo walk price

The price of a subjective photo walk: 25.000 HUF/walk (2 hours)