Photo walk for one

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Photo walk for one

The focus of the walk is entirely on the one participant. We delve deep to explore the concept revealed by the thoughts and imagery reflected in your photos and how you are present in them. During the walk, you take pictures primarily for yourself; we leave the outside world behind, we focus only on the present moment, your thoughts and YOU. We seek your soul, your eyes, your emotions and feelings and your personality in the moment.

Tips, tricks and frame of mind

The walk is not about improving your technical knowledge or learning the rules of photography; it is all about you and about discovering your uniqueness and the frame of mind in which you approach a subject. We embark on a kind of quest during which, while you will indeed learn some of the tips and tricks used in the process of taking pictures, you will have complete freedom to express the thoughts, emotions and feelings you are experiencing at any given moment.
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Photo walk for one price

Price of a photo walk for one: 25.000 HUF/walk (2 hours)