I really enjoyed not only the walk and the search, but also the conversation. It was interesting to analyse the photos, who saw what and how exactly and what Andi saw in them. Helping the one to realize different insights. And indeed, everything is subjective…


K-L Ági (small group walk)

Thank you for this wonderful programme, thank you for giving me the opportunity once again marvel at what is outside is really what is inside, and that I could also express this feeling and express it through photography.
Zsófi és Bence (12)

I really liked that I could choose the location. It was nice to have a completely free hand and photograph what I like. I learned that a photo says a lot about the photographer!

Maja (13)

I loved every minute of it! It was a two-hour self-exploratory walk/photography session that I will never forget. I had a great time: Andrea kept the process in hand throughout, and the session had a very enjoyable arc. It was amazing how my own photos reflected my actual personality and the emotions I was experiencing at the time! She gave me her full attention and was completely focused on me. This meant that we were able to discuss my images in a very deep and meaningful way, which I really enjoyed, and I also gained quite a few insights. I can only recommend Andrea’s photo walks to anyone who wants to get to know themselves through their photos!


We spent an extraordinary Saturday afternoon in great spirits, taking photos in the Castle district. Andrea’s questions made us reflect on how our photographs suggest our character traits. We got to learn about ourselves and each other in a playful and new way. We also talked about the professional and artistic aspects of photography, so it was a brilliant day! We were still under the influence of our session with Andrea days later and talked enthusiastically about the experience to others.

Bogi és Tamás

The photo walk was a great experience and a pleasant time spent with Andrea. I learned a lot of
new and interesting things, especially about photographic composition, and I achieved this while experimenting with subjects I like. Andrea gave me a lot of useful advice along the way!

It’s hard to put in words the experience I had during the photo walk in the forest with Andrea. It was exciting to look at nature, the forest I love, in a new way, and to place, experience and interpret within this. Andrea gave me a lot with her kind, helpful guidance and enlightening questions. Thanks to her help, I have developed a new approach to photography and learnt a lot about it. I gained deep insights by looking at the experience combined with my images afterwards. This walk proved to be a wonderful part of my journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this rich and insightful program with Andrea and her helpful self-exploratory method. With grateful thanks, Ági Lendvai

Lendvai Ági

I had a brilliant, “liberating and recharge” type of morning with Andi today. Two hours flew by without me even noticing! So… I can take photos! Colourful, heart-warming ones… And I was given some nice thoughts about myself based on my photos (as well), which was lovely and much needed! Thank you, my dear friend!
Schór Szilvi

Andrea, whose attitude, empathy and background as a photographer I already knew and admired, accompanies you on pleasant, intimate walk and guides you through to help you find your own way of more consciously expressing yourself visually. By articulating and exploring why a particular subject speaks to you, you will inevitably elevate your photographic self-expression to a more conscious level. At my request, we chose an industrial setting for the walk, the former Csepel Works site, which is best visited with a guide who is familiar with the place and its quirks. I can only recommend this subjective photo walk to anyone interested in exploring themselves through visual expression – it certainly worked for me!


If the eye is the mirror of the soul, then your photo is a reflection of your soul. Andrea will introduce you to this enchanted world if you are prepared to climb through the looking-glass with her… There you can meet a self you may not even know! An exciting adventure!
Jutka és Jocó

On a sunny afternoon in February, we walked along the main street of the old factory in Csepel with Andrea. I had last been here as a child, so I was curious to see what the atmosphere was like now. With my little camera in hand, I took pictures of buildings, structures and anything else that caught my eye; it was quite photogenic, not at all reminiscent of the drab grey factory of my childhood days. By the time we reached the end of the street, I took many pictures. There we stopped and we looked at them together, then discussed why I had taken each one; Andrea asked questions and I answered. On the way back, I took pictures again, featuring colours and shapes, but with a quite different eye this time. And so the photo walk turned taking pictures into photography… I learned from Andi, through my pictures, what is in a photo, how it reflects the thoughts and personality of the photographer. Thank you very much for this walk, it was a very special experience to learn from a photographer!


I enjoyed the photo walk, which was a whole new experience of self-discovery for me. My photos revealed qualities in me that I never even knew about! Andrea gave me good insight into what my images could suggest, and she also gave me new ideas, settings and photography tips. I liked the location, my photos, our joint analysis of the images, the discussion we had and Andrea’s attitude and empathy. It was a rich, meaningful and fun morning!


The pictures speak, Andi interprets them, telling me what they say about me, my feelings, thoughts, focus, and priorities. The relationship between ideas and realisation. The way I see the world through a photograph reveals a lot about me. A great creative way of recreation and recharging and a pleasant walk – you can do it anywhere, anytime, even with a camera phone. And in the process, we discover that the outside world and our inner world are full of curiosities waiting to be explored!


I learned a lot of new things that will be very useful in the future when I take photos. I learned how important it is to look at the surroundings, patterns and light more carefully before taking a picture, so that I can capture a more beautiful and exciting image. Thank you very much for the photo walk; I enjoyed it very much and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography!

Anna (16)

My daughter and myself would like to thank you for this recreational two-hour self-awareness training. During the walk we also learned a few things about photography. We will be back, and we recommend it to everyone!

B. László és Panni (12)

Thank you for this day, I had a great time, I relaxed and it was super fun! Thank you again!
Emi (11)

I had a really fun, relaxed, yet meaningful and thought-provoking photo walk with Andrea, who gently helped me find a way to make my photos speak about what I liked, what attracted me and what I wanted viewers to see.

T. Barbi

It is an old saying – almost a cliché, but true – that a picture is worth a hundred words. And nowadays we increasingly use our photos to convey our emotions and state of mind. The photo walk, or rather Andrea’s eyes and questions, helped me focus more on what I wanted to convey with my pictures, so that they could tell a story for me. Since then, I’ve become much more conscious and focused on my photography. The location was also a very good choice, who would have thought that an old factory building complex is full of romance! It was also very good for recreation, I should have a session every season!

S. Ági

The session was informative and the ambience pleasant. Andrea also gave many useful tips on photography techniques and how to better express and display the subject of the photo. The conversation between and after taking the pictures helped me understand the underlying meaning of the photos I took and to reveal that my phone display showed not only the pictures but also my personality!


The time I spent taking photos with Andrea was a special experience. It was interesting to realise
how the pictures I took and the way I took them reflected my attitude to the world! I can
recommend it to everyone, it also helps with self-awareness!
N. Zs.

An alternative photography experience where I could not only learn more about the steps to take the picture I want, but also about myself.


You become completely immersed in the sight, your senses swap roles. You start to sense with your eyes and what’s within you will be reflected in the images you take. Then the result will be like a mirror to you. I feel that the photos I took reflect me as a being more truly than a portrait would: I’m more present in them in full form, just like in a selfie. It is hard to put into words… Perhaps words are not the right way, you simply must try it, experience it.

G. Borbély Timi