I was honoured to be invited by the Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Hospitality of Budapest Business University, to give a lecture and workshop on subjective photography at the international intensive week “Behind the Scenes of Urban Tourism”. 6 European universities, 16 lecturers and 48 students participated in the programme, latter presenting their photographs on Friday in imaginative, creative and thought-provoking presentations. https://corallprojecteu.wixsite.com/bip2023

The students’ task was to present the area of Bartók Béla Boulevard through photographs, with the aim of showing the spot in a new, thought-provoking perspective for tourism, in a different way from the ordinary. What makes these streets, buildings, catering and cultural sites attractive to foreigners, and what impressions they capture locals have made on them.

They had four days from the first impulse to the presentation. Tourism development was presented by the Budapest Business University itself https://uni-bge.hu/en , Budapest Brand Zrt. https://budapestbrand.hu/ talked also about the theme through photos of the capital, and the Bartók Boulevard Association https://www.bartokbelaboulevard.hu/ provided historical information and stories about the site.

The second day was entirely about learning subjective photography, trying it out and planning the projects through it. Firstly, I gave a lecture on the connection between subjective, – as a photographic approach and method, – and subjective-self. The way in which we can approach and show a specific place through our own filter, in the best way to express and perceive our impressions. Afterwards, the morning and afternoon workshop prepared the practical work, the on-site photography itself, with various playful, small-group exercises.

The students had a full day to take their photos on spot, and on the last morning, the groups worked individually to create their final material and prepare for their presentations.

The afternoon presentations were honoured by the presence of the Portuguese Ambassador, as well as the Head of the Department of Tourism and several professors from the University. We evaluated the presentations with professor Éva Schultz and then the medallists were decided by the votes of the participating students.

The presentations will also be available soon on various forums.

I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience.