Creative small-group photography programme – with mobile phone or camera – approx. 3 hours in total

Number of people: 4-6

Let’s explore a specific place in Budapest in more detail and through it our own perceptions with a unique photographic approach.

No photographic technical knowledge is necessary, just your eyes, your heart, your curiosity and your openness!

What the programme can offer you and what it may answer:

  • You will explore and discover the site in detail
  • How you can take a picture that will become a real memory…
  • What kind of uniqueness your photos show?
  • How you perceive and does your soul approach a location or a subject?
  • and What makes you present in your images?

During a subjective photo walk, after learning about the location, its history and its curiosities, you photograph the site with supportive, inspiring guidance and accompaniment. We walk around the area so that you notice what’s really important to you, photograph what really speaks to you and the captured image will later reflect your feelings and thoughts you experienced there.

Try it, experiment, play and see what your pictures reveal to you. Because in every single image you’ll be there…

The session will be held by Andrea Pető, photographer, Artiste FIAP, guide, coach:

Location by agreement.

Inquire at:

A few more words about the programme:

After a short guided tour of the site, participants will learn about the views of subjective photography, and then shoot in the field based on their perception and given instructions. Finally, the creative process ends with an exciting task that deepens the impressions and provides a shared experience for the small group.

In fact, we play a game together under the spell of image-making, interspersed with conversations. It is a pastime during which the participants can playfully get to know the site, while different perspectives, attitudes and points of view come together, and these can broaden their way of thinking and photographic habits with motivating and inspiring insights and revelations.

In addition to their own photos, to complete the experience and memory, in a few days they will also receive some electronic photos of themselves, capturing how they photographed and immersed themselves in the process of creation.