For location Timi chose Csepel Works, a huge old industrial complex with some parts refurbished and functioning but mostly it was dilapidated and crumbling – a gold mine for a subjective photo walk with myriads of details, potential for compositions and thought-provoking building complexes looming over and above. We chatted a bit and, as we started our walk, Timi noticed features and compositions that showed initial state of mind and what was really occupying her thoughts.

Some cropping, some rethinking, a slight change of perspective, or just shifting the horizon were all we needed for a series of shots reflecting her personality and for her particular problem to emerge.

Some thoughts and images with Timi’s consent: light at the end of the tunnel, perspectives, colour pairs, hope.

It is important to note that these photographs are not about beauty or spectacular presentation, but primarily about self-expression, about the thoughts that lie deep in us.

Timi’s opinion about her subjective photo walk: you become completely immersed in the sight, your senses interchange their roles. You start feeling with your eyes and what’s within you will be reflected in the images you take. Then the result will hold up a mirror to you. I feel that the photos I took reflect me as a being more truly than a portrait would: I’m more present in them in full form, just like in a selfie. It is hard to put into words… Perhaps words are not the right way, you simply must try it, experience it.